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Roy and the OneLife team helped my wife and I take control of our lives and our finances. Through their amazing programs we have learnt so many skills around personal freedom, time management, property, business, day trading, tax super, investing...the list goes on. I had a bit of a mess to clean up, and without the guidance from Roy i would still be strugglinh. With his care and passion for helping others he has helped and guided us to take ownership of our position and develop a detailed game plan to take us to where we want to be. If you have desire develop in any of the above areas, Roy and the OneLife team can help you do it.
The best service I have ever used. Thank you so much.
Andrew & Lisa
We paid off $596,000 of our personal debt in about six months, with strategies that Roy has taught us.
Anthony West
Thank you to everyone at the Gold Coast OneLife Office. My life has changed for the better, forever!
In the 6 months since joining the OneLife community we have seen more growth and positive change in our lives than we have in the previous 5 years! We were stressed about our business, worried about money and unsure about our future, many things felt like an uphill daily battle. Roy and the Onelife team have helped us to get clear on what we actually want and with some small steps we have seen a HUGE impact on our lives. These changes have made our lives much more flowing and easeful. My business has seen an increase in new clients and referrals and my husband has just accepted a promotion in his job. Our relationship is stronger and we're feeling motivated and excited about where we're going. If you're looking for a way to improve in any area of your life (relationships, health, finance, business) then reach out to someone on the Onelife team. They're always there to help and support. All you need to do is take the first step!

Testimonials and Endorsements

Here is a sample of the thousands of Testimonials and Endorsements that we receive from our happy clients.

Healed wounds and took away the chains. Roy's facilitation of others growth is so outstanding it is awe inspiring.
Chris, 47 years, Medical Practitioner
Powerful strategies that are simple yet really work. Brilliant plans to follow and most importantly the support to help you make it happen.
Penny, 45 years, Massage Therapist
Started me on a path to Multiple Passive Income and the support of the team at OneLife help me step up.
Debbie, 39 years, Data Entry Operator
I am 110% more confident now to start my own business… Do it today before it's too late, because when you are gone you are forgotten.
Paul, 52 years, Records Administrator
An inspirational and motivating journey to success in business.
Erica, 26 years, Office Manager and Network Marketer
This course, to date, has been brilliant. I have experienced visions of businesses that can work for me and I am doing the work, writing the plans to bring the visions into fruition.
Kelly, 34 years, Soldier
I can have my money work for me, not me working for my money.
Glen, 43 years, Maintenance Officer
A truly life changing program with support to match. My highest wish is for my 2 girls to live this program.
Steve, 48 years, Investor / Designer
The best thing I have ever done in my life. I was very skeptical when I came along to the introductory evening, but going on the course has enriched my life in completely unforeseen ways. I will be grateful everyday for the rest of my life.
Natalie, 28, Self Employed
The best thing I've ever done for myself. I've travelled around Europe, I've won catamaran races, I've overcome incredible personal things however OneLife Abundance gave me more than all those things combined.
Madonna, 35 years, Temp