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Wheel of Life

How are you tracking for 2017?

Now that Quarter 1 is almost over and we are well and truly into the year we thought we’d take the opportunity to check in with you to see how you’re tracking. Are you focused on what you want to achieve this year and taking the necessary action?

So let’s review what you have set in motion and tweak as necessary to ensure you are on target and setting yourself up for success!

Now that the children are back at school and work is in full swing we want to be sure you are still committed to the BIG PICTURE… It’s easy to fall back into ‘doing mode’ and lose sight of your goals and dreams, so if that sounds like you or you would like to review your goals and dreams, here are some inspirational tips and tools!

Welcome to your Quantum Wheel of Life!

The Quantum Wheel of Life is a great exercise and tool for helping you create more balance and success in your life. It is a great foundation exercise when goal-setting. Click here to download your Wheel of Life template 


Let’s take a look at all aspects of your life…

  1. Health & Well being 
  2. Money & Investing
  3. Business & Enterprise
  4. Life Management & Spirituality
  5. Coaching & Leadership
  6. Family & Relationships

The Quantum Wheel of Life allows you to take a "birds-eye view" of your life, and ultimately work towards creating balance in all areas. Nine times out of ten, when life gets "busy" or all of our energy is focused on one thing, it's easy to feel off balance and let important things in life slip by, be it our health, relationships or money. 

While discipline and focus is needed if you're going to complete things, taking this too far can lead to frustration. 

This is where the Quantum Wheel of Life comes in. Used often by mentors and coaching professionals, it allows you to consider each area of your life in turn and assess what's off balance and needs more attention.

Kind regards,

The OneLife Team