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Stay Connected and Share the Journey

We have been writing a lot about the practical financial stuff in recent weeks, but balance is so crucial, in particular ensuring that your love cup is always full and that you are making time to share in special moments with your family regularly. We all should be sharing in these moments as often as we can. Making memories with your loved ones is one of the most important things in life and we want to make it the focal point of our sharing this week.

Quite frequently, we get preoccupied making a living and “getting ahead” that we forget about the special things in our lives, the things that are often right under our noses.

Setting time aside, not just each week but each day, for our loved ones will help us remember the truly important things in life. It will help us regain love for the moment and detach from the areas that are not serving us. Sharing our time with loved ones may help us realise whether our other pursuits are really helping us get connected or if they are keeping us away from our lives. Your pursuit for financial freedom should be ultimately to allow you to spend more time being connected and less time in financial stress and disconnect.

We want you to start sharing the time you spend with your hobbies and interests with your family and also take the time to get to know and appreciate their interests too.

Take walks together, workout together, go on holiday together or simply share a meal. Making memories that last a lifetime will ensure you are making the most of your precious time and the life you have been given.

Taking care of your heart and your soul should be part of your focus when aiming to improve your wealth. Enjoy your journey with the people you love. Remember, you only have OneLife!