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Let's talk about Stress!

Week 2 November

Let’s talk about stress baby….. 

Stress is something that seems unavoidable at times and we feel leading a happy life is less about avoiding stress and more about learning how to manage it! 

Our work in this industry has obviously exposed us to some very demanding situations, busy schedules, and other stresses. We also witness stress in our clients, some in complete financial hardship when they come to us.

We have learnt that the more you try to avoid it the more it seems to amplify. It is important to realise that stress is a necessary part of life. Without stress we wouldn’t be aware of potentially dangerous situations, we wouldn’t know when to take time off and more importantly we wouldn’t have anything to encourage us to adapt and grow stronger and wiser. 

You can see that trying to rid your life of stress completely is pretty futile. The more masterful approach would be to learn how to deal with stress, learn to feel it, honour it and reduce its impact on your life. 

One of our favourite ways to distress and unwind is to meditate. We can see some of you shaking your heads in disbelief, but trust us, you don’t have to go all hippy and throw your shoes away to start practicing meditation- some of the most successful business men and women, global entrepreneurs and world leaders practice meditation!

Meditation has been scientifically proven to 


  • Decrease stress, anxiety and depression
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve mood
  • Improve learning and brain function
  • And much more!


Finding some quiet time to yourself each day is all you need. Start with ten minutes first thing in the morning ideally. If this is not possible, any other time of the day will be fine. Once you get comfortable, start by:

  1. Taking 10 deep breaths – focusing on each one as it moves in and out of your body
  2. Close your eyes 
  3. Return your breath to its natural rhythm and just watch it now for the rest of the session
  4. Count each breath as you watch them. 
  5. One in, one out, two in, two out and so on…


That’s it! It’s that simple! Once you get more experienced, there are MANY other forms of meditation!  

NOTE: Try to focus on each breath as you count them. When your mind wonders, and it will (what am I going to cook for dinner etc), just realise that it has happened and begin counting again. Don’t be hard on your self for losing concentration when it happens, it’s natural. Practice will make perfect!

We have some great resources for meditation! If you would like to learn more you can contact us support@onelife.com.au