It’s all about balance! | OneLife

It’s all about balance!

Our team have just finished our first Life Magic Program for 2017- and WOW what an incredible 4 days of learning and growth! We had 60 incredible people start their journey towards financial freedom and abundance, and it is truly so rewarding to share the journey with them.

Life Magic is always a lot of fun for both clients and the OneLife Team, it also a HUGE few days with everyone bringing their A-GAME, 110% commitment and energy. This always reminds us of the importance of balance! So this week we wanted to check in with you and talk about how you should be checking in with yourself.

We encourage our clients and team to take a day or 2 to rest and recover, to spend time with those dear to them, go to the beach and enjoy the serenity. You know that life is all about balance. It is important to take time off every now and again. Step back from your routine once in a while to simply enjoy life and enjoy where you’re at- even give yourself a pat on the back for your latest achievements.

It’s great to have goals and it’s great to be ambitious, but if you don’t take the time to enjoy your progress once in a while then there’s no point even starting in the first place.

Check in with your body and mind each day and take note of how you feel. Have you pushed it maybe a little too hard this week? Are you in need of some ‘me’ time? If you genuinely feel this way then that is OK- it is so important to honour yourself. Take the time out and indulge yourself in an activity that you really enjoy. 

You need to balance the hard work with time off to really appreciate your journey. 

Balance is what keeps you sane and sanity will help keep you on track. If you feel the need to go and enjoy the sun, meditate, be in nature- then get out there and do it! It will revitalise your body and mind so you can get back to kicking those goals!

We want you to have fun on your journey so that you can enjoy your life and all of your successes!


Warmest regards,

Roy & the OneLife Team