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Accountability Buddies

2017 will be over before we know it and the New Year will bring new goals, dreams and aspirations. So with that being said, how are we going to ensure we reach our full potential in 2018? We have spoken about procrastination, now how do we stay accountable? One answer is to get an accountability buddy.

In school we are taught built in accountability because we were answerable to a teacher, or perhaps a sporting coach or mentor. But once we get out into the ‘real world’ with grown up goals like starting a business, losing weight or becoming debt free there is typically no accountability for us to get it done!

Enter the Accountability Buddy, Purpose Partner or what ever you would like to call them.

Accountability buddies can help us make significant progress, support us to stay on track and even better if you and your AB are working towards a common goal, you will be able to share the trials and tribulations of your journey together! Surrounding ourselves with people invested in our success is the best way to ensure achievement.

So once you’ve found an AB, there are 4 easy steps to make this newfound relationship a huge SUCCESS!

1. Create a plan and commit.

Decide how often you’ll meet. At least once a week is a good starting point, however daily check ins via texts or other communication channels will create an excellent platform to motivate each other, whilst always keeping the goal in the forefront of your mind. Once you have set a time and day to meet, it's time to make an absolute commitment to sticking to that meeting.

2. Support your buddy (and yourself) to set SMARTER goals.

When we have a general goal like “get fit”, the failure comes in not knowing where to start. Without getting clear on the finer details of that goal, we are left wondering what we need do this month, week or today to make that goal happen.

Remember to follow the SMARTIES principle to create effective goals.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Tangible
  • Inspirational
  • Emotional
  • Successful

3. Create an honesty policy

To create absolute accountability the relationship needs to be built on a foundation of complete truth and honesty. Some times you may need to be brutally honest with your buddy and this might make you feel uncomfortable. However if you make an agreement with your buddy from the very beginning and seek permission to always give honest feedback then you will both know what to expect.

4. Ask better questions

Great coaches and mentors ask questions because they know it’s the best way to get to the real heart of any matter.

When you say you were too busy to exercise this week, is that the total truth?

Chances are you had time to watch the Bachelorette or go on social outings with friends, so what really prevented you from keeping your word to yourself? Maybe you were nervous about walking into a new gym, or fearing the judgement of others because you are out of shape.

By asking better questions, you and your buddy can break through invisible barriers and also even identify the subtle self-sabotage that takes place when we are working towards important goals.

5. Make it fun.

A little bit of competitive spirit will go a long way. Set weekly goals with your buddy and place a wager on who will reach the goal first. Also remember to celebrate your successes; it doesn’t hurt to have some fun!

We will be running some great accountability webinars fortnightly, starting this Tuesday (24th October) this is an excellent opportunity for you to tune in and get some support from other OneLife clients who are on the same journey as you –