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7 STEPS TO creating the ultimate vision board!!!

Last week we talked about reflection- we asked you to reflect on 2016 and evaluate your learnings ready for 2017. Now it’s time to set new intentions for the year to come! (Drum roll please……) ENTER THE VISION BOARD! Vision boards have been utilised by super successful people for many years as they are cost effective, really simple to create & VERY effective! 

The popular book and DVD ‘The Secret’ has taught us a LOT about the Law of Attraction & Goal Setting. The power to manifest your wildest dreams lies within your ability to set clear and powerful intentions! Vision Boards are absolutely fantastic because you can put them on display somewhere you will be able to look at them frequently and keep visualising those dreams coming true!

A vision board acts as a reminder to our brains that our vision, dreams, goals & desires are of the highest importance!!! It is also vital to update your vision boards regularly, so that the exciting new images can ignite your interest and keep you motivated!

(Side note) As well as Vision Boards – remember all of our other amazing goal setting tools! The start of the year is a great time revisit your Blue Form, Strategic Spending, Benchmark, Page 30, 7 Year Plan and your SMARTIES Goal Card)


1. If you haven’t already set your goals!!!! (Long term goals can be done via your 7 Year Plan and short term goals can be done via the SMARTIES Goal Card!! You need to be super clear on your goals to manifest & make them a reality! 

2. Get some cardboard, a corkboard or something similar that you can use as your blank canvas to start your creation. Remember to place it somewhere where it will be within regular sight! If you prefer you can do a digital version and set it as the background on your computer.

3. Allocate the time to get it done in one go, set a morning or evening aside, have a cup of tea or coffee, play some mood music and have some fun!

4. Create space in your mind. Breathe deeply. Get happy. Get into a space of possibility & imagination so you can create your vision board from your heart.

5. Old magazines are a must have for creating the perfect vision board. Photographs of family and friends, anything that is in alignment with your goals and dreams! Gather all of your resources beforehand and ensure that you select images, quotes, verses or song lyrics that resonate with your vision, inspire and motivate you and are connected deeply to your VISION! 

6. Do it with a buddy or even organise an event with a group of friends, colleagues or your DREAM TEAM, get together, share ideas and keep each other accountable!

7. Take the time at least once a day to look at and appreciate your beautiful creation <3

 8th bonus step: CELEBRATE!